Our Story

Justis Henderson grew up at his Father's Fabrication and Metal Art company in Wisconsin, welding, polishing, and painting. Passionate about working with metal, he developed a true love for fabrication, art and the American Flag.

As a result of this passion, Justis built his business in a building directly across the street from his Father's shop. Now it's a Father and Son Metal Art dynasty that centers around patriotic metal art, the US flag, wood and steel fabrication, and an unmatched artistic vision.

Between the two manufacturing facilities, the Father and Son duo run a state of the art operation. CNC lasers, CNC plasmas, CNC wood routers, CNC press brakes, paint and finishing departments, powder coating operations, artistic TIG welding as well as their exclusive controlled chemical patina and paint marbling techniques that have become Justis' specialty.


Obsessing over beauty and never compromising quality, Justis stands behind his work and welcomes any and all customer feedback. Continuously growing and improving has been the secret to his success.

Justis' journey as a metal artist has been over 8 years in the making, but as a young entrepreneur and driven metal artist....his journey is just beginning.

We would like to thank all of our past and present customers who have supported this young man's journey, helping him along the way to make his dream a reality.....and to all future customers.....Thank You for your support.